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This is ricky and i want to ask few things like

1. When i zoom in or out it disturbs everything on page like text goes out of div's and like that which is so irritating and frustrating because i have been trying for few days to fix it but Sad
I have uploaded the pic of disturbed webpage when zoom in

2. I always make div's like five 0r six div's in the body and position them relative(they will position them as per body) and if i want to create a new div inside parent div i position them absolute......Is this a good approach to do

3. Should i enclose all my div's in one div like

  <div id="main">
     <div id="header"></div>
     <div id="all other div's"></div>
     <div id="footer"></div>

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Wrong approach

Using the position property for page layout is the wrong way to do it. It is my opinion that tyros should avoid position for any but the most inconsequential page elements until his understanding of flow and out-of-flow are thoroughly grokked.

I suggest you work through the tutorials at HTML Dog.



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