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I have inserted a YouTube video in page.

There I embedded the video using the code you can find here

Video has been embedded as YouTube requires. The CSS code I have found on the Web. This code is good to have a Web responsive video. It is fluid

The trouble is when i change dimension of the video. I would have liked to reduce it to 374x210px as you can see in its page using this code in which I have inserted a max-width and a max-height.

This is not enough. The cointainer remains bigger and higher as you can see here

I'm looking how to control also the cointainer dimension in a way it remains of the same dimensions than the video

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Hi bobrock4, When a div which

Hi bobrock4,
When a div which is a block element is not floated or display changed it fills 100% of available horizontal space. So you don't need to specify width:100%;

I can't really see from the description what you are trying to do, looks like you may have already fixed it.