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Hello everyone,

I have a premium wordpress.com account and i'm trying to solve a important issue, essential for my website idea.

I need to have my posts in the front page ordered by date modified. I have read that by falsifying the date, it can be achieved, but unfortunately, i can't apply it, as i need to use date accuracy in my posts.

I tried the sticky note method, but all the posts with sticky notes activated, were positioned by alphabetical order!!

So i wonder, what can i write in the CSS editor to obtain what i need. Is there some code allowing to change the order of those sticky notes?

Thanks for the time and patience,



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You are describing backend

You are describing backend coding, in wordpress I could do this accessing the post query object and creating a new query loop but you have a wordpress.com account this is not the open source WP version and you won't be able to modify your pages beyond what wordpress.com allows, and no this isn't a CSS matter. You should really ask this question of WP support.

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