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I am currently using the Zwei Seiten theme by Elturan S. (version 1.4.2)
My website is:
Pastebin Template CSS: (Edited Some)

I need help with my drop-down menu. I am trying to get my drop-down menu the same width as the ends of the template's borders, basically from left to right. The problem is, even if I do that, I still need my other drop-down menu to be the same width as the first.

For example:
Catalog Cheats = drop-down menu A
About Me = drop-down menu B

I need A and B to be both the same width as each other. They both need to be the same width from left to right as I explained before.

I am editing this section
/* #nav

One more thing, could someone please help me with the cursor? I need to get the cursor to the drop-down menus without speeding my cursor to it and letting my drop-down disappear.

Could anyone please help? Thanks so much in return!