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I have a Wordpress site that I am putting together using a responsive theme from StudioPress. The theme comes standard with a single widget area that you stack widgets in to create a 3 column setup. I modified it to create 3 separate widget areas so that I could have multiple widgets in each column. For example the Home-Top-1 widget area would have a text widget on top and a recent posts widget below it. Unfortunately it's still not working out like that. The first widget shows up in the first column as it should but the second widget shows up in the second column and pushes the Home-Top-2 widget area to column 3. I'm sure I am missing something in the CSS but I can't find it. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

The site I am working on is located at ottovector.spxtech.com

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For starters it looks like

For starters it looks like the parents of the .widget elements needs float containment or even floating themselves and possibly widths.

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