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please connect to When authentication window appears, please enter "afo" as the user and "AFOqa123" as the password.

In firefox for windows, menu bar works like a charm, but not in Internet Explorer.

These are the problems encountered in IE 7:

  • When mouse passes over "Comunidad Escolar" item, a drop down menu should appear (I used sucker fish menu)
  • When the pages zooms, for example, to 125%, the right-most option moves to the second line. Because I added "display: table" to the containing DIV, the right-most option does not appear
  • When you press on "AdmisiĆ³n" a page loads with the same menu plus a submenu below it. If you see, that submenu appears to the bottom edge of the menu, without a separation. In fact, there must be a separation between the menu and the submenu

In IE 8, the drop down menu appears, but hover effect does not move to the second nor to the third option, it only stays in the first one.

You can load that in firefox in order to see what behavior must have the menu.

Any help to solve these issues will be greatly appreciated, thanks