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Hello All,

Just a random post here! The other day i was at a cousins place who is in grade 7 in one of the leading schools in my hometown. She was "studying" on the computer. Being the inquisitive type, i saw here punching in html code on the notepad.

What i noticed was that they were doing html alright, but using code that is almost dead right now. The code included marquee, div color=red, etc! I wanted to tell her, this is not what you should do, but then my aunt would have killed me Tongue so would the school (i went to the same school she went to!)

Now i want to know, what do schools in other countries teach?


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Lots of schools still teach

Lots of schools still teach out dated web development.
Many teach using frontpage.
You should be happy she was at least using notepad.
Really web development best practices change quite quickly compared to many industries, schools just don't have the resources to keep up.