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Plz all , experts ...... help me ..

my manager ask me for slicing website ,
kindly Noted this link for display what i want to do :

when the content tall , the line is shown at the bottom of content and bg colot appear ...
(Noted just by Div)

suppose we have this pic :line.jpg

to arrive my problem , i will put this pic : explaining.jpg

big div --> contain 5 div

the problem is inside div 2 & div 4 , it's appear in the second image ,
i want to put in div 2 and div 4 first image that i put it((at the bottom of a div which must being auto height)) ,in addition put background color black and height is auto as the size of content page ,

problem of aligning line image bottom i faound a solution , but the class of bgcolor black is not work when i put height auto or 100%,plz the solution ...

(((Only Div not Tables))))

plz i need your help at fast time