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I have a question and I cannot figure out where to start to find a complete answer because the topic is wide.
So I was wondering what are all the info that we (our computers) give about ourselves on the internet. By this I mean, what do servers, and others know about us and how do they know it.
I would like to have an exhaustive list of all the info that my computer is "broadcasting" when I am online.
I know just a tiny bit like that there are the requests to the servers that gives info about our OS, browser, language etc but is that all? What about software calling home (OS, installed softwares etc).
So as I donĀ“t know where to find an exhaustive list of all the things that we reveal about us, I would like to ask here (it is definitely off topic).
I would also really appreciate if you know books, sites and resources where I could learn about it.

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whkowiak, this is a forum

whkowiak, this is a forum about css design and principals not internet security.

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Fair dues it is posted in the

Fair dues it is posted in the off topic section and it's not the OP's very first post.

We all like to post off topic on occasion, look I have just recently not that anyone clearly has any knowledge of servers or AWS Sad

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