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What is your go-to forum for web design (HTML, CSS, JScript, PHP)? I hate to be so spread out across a ton of forums around the same topic, but have yet to find a forum that seems to be very active.

Which forums do you think have huge active communities of knowledgeable designers/developers?

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EclecticHobbyist wrote:What

This one used to be really active a few years ago. Now it's sort of 5 guys that know stuff answering the same 3 questions by hundreds of guys that have jobs that they don't know how to do.

However, it is still the best storehouse of information concerning CSS. I think you're going to be hard-pressed to find an all encompassing forum for all of those things.

For other places, there is sitepoint but it doesn't feel focused to me. I am a member but I prefer asking CSS and HTML semantics questions here. I feel that I get better information and there is more passion concerning the issues here. Here things are done correctly, there things are done. There is also stackoverflow but it's really technical, DO NOT ask a question that's already been asked, follow the rules or you'll get negative scores. It's not a forum as much as it is a helpdesk sort of app. There are some mega-smart folks over there. I go there when I can't get a good answer anywhere else.

You may find this interesting but I often ask my code questions on a firearms forum that I frequent first because the people are really good and there is always an answer there for any subject in their lounge. 70000 members, zero trolls. It's a marvel.

I'm just saying to focus on one forum is most likely a mistake, just don't cross post between forums and waste the time of the people answering your questions.

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Could still be active but

Could still be active but those of us that have given closing in on a decades worth of time could do with feeling there some worth in our efforts Smile hasn't felt like that in the last two years much.

As vershy says though I still back this as the best forum for CSS and more importantly the friendliest more or less... well that's if you discount the odd curmudgeon or two, ok one, ok me Angry

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