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Hi, My name is Jennifer Clark, recently I have shiffted from Dallas to New York, we have a small business which is running successfully in Dallas, now we are opening a branch in New York, I am the one who have to take care the of the business and promote it as well. I am planning to make a web site of our branch, I am new to this city and looking for some local based company whom I can trust for the **Link Removed** for my site, I came to know about **Link Removed** through one of my friend. Anybody any suggestion about this company as well you can also suggest me any other web development company also.

Links removed - User account suspended.

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With the nofollow tags added

With the nofollow tags added to your spam, you're not going to get much SEO support for this forum.
You're also not going to get much sympathy from the board, it's members or the staff (Tony).
If you are looking for a company, your best bet is to use Google, find the appropriate forum for this type of things and quit cluttering up other forums with your trash.

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