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Hey !

Been playing around with W3CSchools RWD template for a few hours: https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/tryit.asp?filename=tryw3css_templates_clothing_store&stacked=h

But I just noticed that when scrolling the main block and if the menu content spans outside the window height the menu will not continue scrolling once the main block reaches bottom. Although if the menu block is scrolled to the bottom the main block will start scrolling. Not really sure how to get the main block to scroll the menu block, does anyone know? Even better if they would scroll in sync.
Or is it at least possible to get scrollbars to display if there is content outside the menu height? On desktop both firefox and chrome shows scrollbars in the menu if there is content outside, but not on android (tablet/phone) which I suspect might confuse some visitors.

If anyone has any better suggestions how to solve this, I'm all ears.

Cheers !!

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Without all the crap they throw at it, they would automagically scroll together.

Looking at the code (but just a little because it makes my eyes bleed) W3Schools has a nicer appearance. But that's all. They still teach all the wrong ways to write a web page.

If you want to write html/css/javascript correctly, the tutorials at HTMLDog do a much better job. The biggest advantage to doing it right is that it is actually much easier to write, to make responsive and to make accessible. Too, the actual html markup, css code and javascript files are much smaller.

Head over and try their tutes.


If your web page is as clever as you can make it, it's probably too clever for you to debug or maintain.

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