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Hey all, I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction with this problem I cant figure out how to solve.

I am in the process of making a personal website, but I want to be able to put videos on. I know how to put them on, but I want to make it in php so that whenever I add the url of a video (.swf or similar from vimeo or youtube), it automatically gets added to the list of videos available to view. In addition to this, after a certain number of video (say 10 per page), a new page gets created with the thumbnails of the videos if there is more than 10.

I would also like the website to be able to show a video on a seperate page of its own (if the title is click for instance), giving details about the video.

This can obviously all be done manually, but I would like the only manual process to be the input of the video details into the mysql database such as the url, descrpition e.t.c

It would be good if someone could point out a tutorial, or offer some thoughts on this matter Smile



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What have you tried so far?

What have you tried so far? How much do you know about PHP, and/or scripting in general?

You could use PHP to count the amount of videos in the table, looks at the date uploaded, gets the most recent 10 and displays links to them. Not sure if you could do an automatic refresh but I don't know a whole lot about PHP.

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