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Hello guys, I kindly ask your help. I am an autodidact and maybe my question may seem silly. I apologize to everyone, but I would understand why Safari behaves differently from all other browsers.

I have a small title of the page vertically, as you can see here

On all browsers I see perfectly, except on safari. Could you help us understand why and how can I fix? Thank you

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Talking through my hat

A while back, Google forked its Chrome code base from Apple's Safari. Chrome has continued to advance (though still not up to Firefox's level, IMO), while Safari has been slo-o-o-wer. I say this depending on word of mouth and without an authoritative source. I am not a Safari user, nor do I have it on any of my machines any more, so ... .

Nothing in your code appears to be in error. I would not make provisions for IE's older, outdated browsers. It is more robust to allow the page to degrade gracefully in browsers that lack support for the newer things.

While I'm preaching from this bloody pulpit, I'll add that using fixed position, while popular, is nearly always user unfriendly. Simply place the heading at the top of the content it belongs to is better.

If you would, please, post a screen cap so we Safari-deprived can see what you mean by seen not perfectly.



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