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Let me set the scene, I have an image that will span the full width of the page, however the height of the image is not known (to fit the design it is a letterbox image so between 250 and 300px high).

Over this image I am placing some text, the text is to be horizontaly and vertically centered.

Behind the text is a white box to help the text stand out with 0.7 trabnsparency to also let the image show through.

I want the text with the semi trans background to be the height of the image with the text horizontally and vertically centered within it.

I have tried all sorts of methods from vertical stretching to table-cell but not knowing the height of the image is causing all sorts of issues. Is it possible or should I fix the image height?


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Please post your existing markup and css for the issue. Otherwise we may take you to a land far far away from where you want to go.



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