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Hello folks,
I was looking into a problem, basically:

//menu// LOGO MENU1 MENU2 MENU3 MENU4 //menu//

I personally prefer creating horizontal menus using the "float" property. However in this iteration I have incorporated a Logo in the menu and using the float property the rest of the menu feel like it's vertically aligning to the top of the logo, which I guess is what it should do since that is how the text should wrap around it. I did some search on the net and I found this

and many others which all points to creating a horizontal menu using the display:inline feature.

My question is how do I vertically align the logo with the rest of the menu while still using the float:left feature? I tried to take the logo out of the ul and into it's own div, and it just made the rest of menu drop too far below without able to control it.

thanks in advance