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Hey everyone, I realize my questions are probably incredibly simple, but I spent hours last night trying to figure out how to do what I want using faq's and how to's etc. SO I figured I'd reach out for some help.

I'm using the Sundance theme on my wordpress blog for school, and I want to figure out how to tweak a few things. The first is I'd love for my menu options at the top to be aligned center rather than aligned left.

Secondly when you go to a new page I'd like for that page title to be aligned center, and not top.

Lastly, the main area where pages are displayed is a static color, you can't change it using the options that the theme came with (bad theme creator, bad), so I'd love to be able to change that to a different color, or even better to a cool CSS pattern that I found online.

I'm not sure what parts of the code everyone needs to see or if anyone needs to see anything at all, but thanks for the assist!


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Hi Steve, You didn't provide

Hi Steve,
You didn't provide an example or link so we can offer limited help.
Try looking into text-align and background.