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I have been working on a project to help improve my ux design skills, I would like feedback on how user friendly the site is.

I have not finished parts (stats area and theme choice are a few). Also I would like any css issues pointed out in various browsers.

This is my first dabble with HTML5 so any HTML issues that you point out would also be appreciated.


I created an account so that you can play around with it (not that you need an account to test the editor)

username = csscreator
pass = csscreator


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Hi isedeasy, Nice looking

Hi isedeasy,
Nice looking site.
The only thing I would suggest is using media queries so the site scales better on smaller screens.
Should probably focus a lot on mobile as it is a mobile related site, and you may get a higher percentage of mobile browsers then most sites.
On my phone the top section shrinks too much the main content below looks fine.