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We have an older website that uses frames, which we want to get away from. We also want to get away from Java (Sun's plug-in) due to issues with new users.

I want to make sure I'm doing this properly so I am using forums to get professional advice on which method to go with, HTML5 and/or CSS3.

I have a large display that is used 65-150 different times on my site. Each are exactly the same size, position, placement, etc and are swapped in at the user's selection.

If you look at my website you will see I am using 3 frames to make up my index page, upper (topFrame), leftFrame (naviagtion), and mainFrame (display area). We are going to be elimating the need for the navigation on the left side and only using the upper navigation. Under HTML5 I see only that I have to place my upper navigation into the same page (what I called the top frame before) as the display page will be.

I'm thinking of that large display area like a group, keep in mind my knowledge of HTML5 is limited. All the pictures and all the text are in the same location, the only difference is the actual pictures and text within.

Am I right to assume this should be a group within that and a seperate CSS document? And I am trying to create a template in Dreamweaver 5.5 that will keep things pretty exacting, so I am not sure on how the CSS is to be used. Should the Display Document be a seperate CSS and a seperate CSS for the Website?