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Hello all!

I've been battling with an IE8 issue and am at my wits end. I'm hoping a fresh set of eyes from you CSS Gods will help me with a solution!

I added a contact form to the header of one of the standard Wordpress templates. For some reason, in IE8, the container expands vertically pushing the content down.

I've tried EVERYTHING!

1) I set a negative margin for IE8 to push the form up which worked but the container was still doubling in size
2) I then tried a overflow:hidden; thinking it would cut it off but it wiped out the form instead!
3) OK, I then tried to just 'float' this form over everything using z-index (this is in place now) but the container is STILL not right!!!!

The URL is www.guardinsure.com/blog

I hope somebody can help...thanks so much!


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When in doubt Validate

When in doubt Validate