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I have a website and a domene, but the site sucks and I really need to do something about it. Now...I have basic css-skills, and I have modified the stylesheet in many existing wordpress themes - but now I want a front page ala this:


Only with my drawings and a little different content. So...How to do this? Make a page from scratch? I want all the other pages aside from the front page to be really basic and simple. Or is it possible to modidy n existing theme? I hope you understood my question!

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Why are you getting annoyed

Why are you getting annoyed about cascading style sheet when you can do it with certain WordPress plugins as available at . There are plenty of websites available on net from which you can download particular themes and plugins that meet your requirements. Yeah, I know that using plugins is not professional way to accomplish some task, but still it is much effortless than other ways.