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I'm building a site with WordPress and using a multilevel dropdown menu made with css. Everything works great with all browsers but, of course, not that well with IE7.

When u hover a submenu button and there's some text underneath it, the hover state stops working and the submenu closes as if u where rolling out the button. Works fine with any element (divs, images, buttons, etc) underneath but text. Doesen't matter where text comes from (bredcrumb, content, button, etc) and if it's a link or not.

You can check what I mean here (remember to use IE7): Just rollover the "GAT" word and try to over a button with text underneath.
LINK REMOVED by author request.

I've tried everything, z-index, position relative, display block, searching google for weeks, calling all my friends, my coworkers, trying to use jquery menus, everything, and nothing seems to work.

Thanks in advance!!!