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I went in to do a presentation this morning at work and quickly realized that my website (http://lis.uncg.edu) had been destroyed in IE. It was only later that I found out that the browser the university had installed was IE6. So far I've noticed five problems that need to be fixed:

1) The drop down menus cannot be hovered upon anything past the first link.
2) The drop down menus are hiding behind other content on the page.
3) The "Welcome!" text is over to the far right side of the page.
4) The line of text/links beneath the footer have wandered up the page about 50px.
5) There is white space between the top golden bar and the university header.

I have a Browser Specific plugin installed which has worked great on targeting certain flaws in the past. However, I cannot get it to work at all now. I'm using IE6 within IE8 which might be the problem...

Any suggestions on how to work around these flaws? I'm tempted to splash a big "Why are you still using IE6??" sign but my boss said that was not subtle...

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This a custom WP theme and as

This a custom WP theme and as such really you ought to take support requests to the authors.

Sadly this sort of issue is rife amongst WP themes and WP itself there appears to be a view that IE6 should not be supported.

As for the menu issue you need a higher z-index or stacking context for one of those three elements that comprise the parent wrapper for the nav bar so trying each in turn add position: relative; to their rulesets,in the case of the awkwardly named 'clearfloat' one there are no rules just some inline styles, it appears to be used throughout as a general aggregation and sectioning element so should be better named, but you will need to add the property directly to the style attribute for that element or better try on it's immediate child element.

The welcome text is mis-aligned as it has not been adequately described, if positioned absolute then you need to use two important properties 'top' and 'left' (or 'right' and 'bottom')to state where the element is positioned from, it's immediate parent also requires position: relative; then you will need to position that element in respect of it's parent borders.

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Unfortunately also 4 - 6% of

Unfortunately also 4 - 6% of users are still in the Stone Henge era of IE6, most modern web sites no longer support it. Your boss might be stuck in that era too and won't admit it to a subordinate or might not be able to change it.

Your comment to your boss might not have been subtle, but it certainly was truthful. Your site is for a university, do you not teach web design and development there? If so I would urgently suggest that your boss get real about the internet and its extremely rapid evolution.

We are now entering the era of HTML5 and CSS3 and guess who still doesn't get a clue, IE and I don't mean IE6, I mean IE7 and 8, IE9 is still in Beta.