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Hello, I am trying to post a help request here, and I believe it is in accordance with the guidelines you have set, but no matter what I do it keeps telling me, "Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted."

Any ideas?


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hi rockstarnomad, Seems to be

hi rockstarnomad,
Seems to be a bit of this happening lately.
Things to consider
Where are you connecting from, if it is at a school there may have been some spam posted before coming from the same IP.
In that case the spam filter will be more harsh.
Or you could be visiting inside a frame, which may be causing session issues for the spam filter.
Other then that it is really all about what you are posting. Are there links in your post that may be considered spam.
If it is a long post try breaking it up into smaller sections.
Also check to see if the captcha is displayed and fill that in correctly if it is.

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I'm having this same problem

I'm having this same problem and have only posted once before. I'm responding to this to see if the same error message will show.