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Hello !
Im trying to do this
and the end to look something like this
( the head is part of the picture, that what i mean =)) )
I want left and right sidebar to stay in position, but the wraper or container (don't know what is this thing calling) to go to left and right so at the end it will look like one page. I know, my english suck, sorry about that.
I did my best to explain Laughing out loud Can someone help ?
there the site:

Okey, I think i did what I want after few hours searching and tryes. What i did:
i did add this code to my post-wraper

.post-wrapper {
width: 738px;

then i add this to the sidebar:
.sidebar {

now the blog look like i want to, BUT i couldnt find way how to move the whole thing ( post-wraper, left and right sidebar ) to right so the whole composition to be in the center, because now it is floating at left and it is hurting my eye. I will keep trying, but if anyone can give me hint i will be very thankful !