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Josh Connerty
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Thanks to all that are reading this. If you have the time please could you provide feedback for the following three designs please.


Once again thanks to those who take the time.

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Hi Josh, Can't access those

Hi Josh,
Can't access those sites at the moment. Looks like the server is offline.

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http://www.w3hut.co.uk/ 1.


1. Most of it validates.
2. I'm a fan of using white space. See how it looks without the gray borders.
3. You are using alot of script font. In order to pull this off, you need to increase font size and add letter spacing. Script fonts can be hard to read and scan if not styled correctly.
4. H3's are a bit small. Increase size, add letter spacing. Just noticed you have two sizes for the H3's. They should be the same size. Consider changing the footer headings to H4's instead.
5. the Courier New and script fonts do not compliment each other.
6. The square bullets do not compliment the design.
7. the content inside the Support, Sales, Callback boxes on the Contact page seem unstyled. hard to read and scan.
8. I do like how the site is simple and spacious. I also like the colors used. Consider using a lighter font color. Blk on white can be very strong with a minimalistic design.

The last two links didnt take me anywhere cool

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Only the first site is

Only the first site is visible.

Very nice design, my comments echo those of Cupid's Toejam.
The script and content text don't look good together.
Overall the site is rather difficult to read, lack of contrast (probably due to the Courrier font) and text too long.
There is something about the gradient fade in the header that bothered me.
The paragraphs in the footer looked a little unbalanced. With a left-align like you have, I would have made the first paragraph align with the text in the content area.
Same thing with the contact page, the 3 boxes in the content are not aligned with the header and the font is too small.
The 3 boxes in hosting page are also a few pixels too far to the right and don't have enough spacing underneath them.