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I've noticed that many people come here asking for help and I've noticed that it often ends well but other times it turns out poorly due to hurt feelings and misinterpreting admonishment as abuse.

I know many people have a hard time admitting they need help, that's just normal self-pride, but I'd say they should also realize that if you need help you also may be in over your head. Not always, but sometimes. While there is no shame in asking for help there is also no shame in hiring a professional to do the things you just aren't equipped to handle. You may be just learning and that's fine. If you just don't know what you're doing yet, get someone in there to help. It may cost a few dollars but your site will turn out correctly.

Quite honestly, I find it a bit humorous when someone states "this is my first site can you help me with it" and then they link to a web design company. This is a part of some forums that I think may be doing a disservice to the web community as a whole. Helping those that can't perform their duty as a programmer to squeeze out another paycheck while delivering a mediocre product.

This forum seems to be a bit different as it doesn't just do the work but instead encourages visitors to try for themselves and then, instead of chewing up worms and putting them in the baby bird's throat, kicks them out of the nest and sits back and listens for a *SPLAT*. Whether it comes or not is up to the visitor. Unfortunately, some visitors seem to just wait for the ground to come up and violently greet them and then go off to somewhere else and show their broken wing.

Just an observation. Glasses