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Hey guys

I want you to have a look in here: test.schpuntak.com and France link

Question: How can I make descriptive text under the pictures / image?

I was searching , when I put it to table in HTML code it works however the animation does not work for the menu, it prioritize table frame and does not do the transform

when I do for p {float:bottom, text align center } it does not work either, I think i need to do something with DIV section

but i spent all day on this and Sad

thanks a lot for your help

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Something like this should

Something like this should work if you set the width of the <p> to be the same as the image or use clear:right on the image

<a href="#info" id="info">
	 <p><img src="images/italy.jpg">descritpion1</p>
	  <p><img src="images/italy2.jpg">description2</p>