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I'm looking to buy a tablet just to check them out. It looks like a Motorola Xoom is a good bet, but don't want to spend that much just to try em out.

I don't have a lot of criteria... something I can read e-books with, browse the web,(facebook - you tube)some game apps for the young grandchildren, Wi-Fi (no contract with a cell phone provider). Anything beyond that would be gravy, like GPS, camera or webcam, usb ports etc etc.

I can find a Nextbook or Superpad 10.2 for $200 or less which is about what I'm looking to spend.

Any recommendations you might have would be most welcome. Thanks

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Tablets - any

Tablets - any recommendations?

Valium would be my recommendation - certainly helps one keep calm when being given the runaround over unpaid invoices.

iPad ? probably a little more than you wanted to spend though but would do all you wanted and a heck of a lot more.

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Android tablets are much

Android tablets are much cheaper, so you can give them a try.