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I like it. I've always liked

I like it. I've always liked using the smallest possible background images but often that meant giving up and simplifying it.

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Viewing that page with images

Viewing that page with images off confused me Tongue

I read somewhere a long time ago that its best not to make your tiles too small as the browser has to render it more times - is this still an issue?

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  • CSS doesn't make pies

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As I had understood the issue

As I had understood the issue it's that with each image file there has to be a series of information stored with it, the colour bit depth and channels, so each time the browser parses that image it is forced to read duplicate information and store it with a consequence of using up valuable resources and memory. Regardless of size the information is the same but with an image 1px x 1px you might end up rendering that image 1,014,530 times if tiled on the body at my present viewport size, with the possibility that my browser would actually crash and burn, at least I have seen IE struggle to cope with rendering 1px images tiles. Is this still an issue? Would have thought it must always remain an issue, whether browsers can cope and or your machine spare the resources is another story?

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