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I have been working on a soundclick and I been having problems centering the flash top banner, I can get it to center in firefox or IE 8.0 or firefox and IE 7.0 but I can't get it so that it is center is all browser versions.... I have already tried a lot of things and nothing make the banner be center in all versions of all browsers. This is the code I have right now. It works on firefox and on IE 7.0 but not on 8.0

div.av {display: inline; width: 826px; height: 495px; text-align: left; top: 0; margin-top:115px; margin: 0, 96px; position: absolute; margin-left: -400px;} body table {margin-top:10px;}
div.form1 {position: absolute;top: 0;left: 50;margin-left: -60px;width: 826px;height: 300px; margin-top:2680px;} body table {margin-top:10px;}

Here is the Soundclick URL