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Hello everyone, I have a strange problem. When I add a sub-category so it appears right on the homepage and not hidden under the category. You can see exactly what I’m talking about the picture attached.
So I’d like advice and help how to fix this problem.

The problem also in Google Chrome and internet explorer. I do not have firefox And so I have no idea what it would be there
I do not think the problem is in browser.
That does not seem logical to me in both browsers the same problem
What can I do or where I should look for solve this problem?

you can see problem here

my css code is:

/********** < Navigation */
.nav-container { background:url(../images/bkg_nav0.png) center 0 no-repeat; }
#nav { width:930px; margin:0 auto; padding:0 10px; font-size:13px; }
/* All Levels */ /* Style consistent throughout all nav levels */
#nav li { position:relative; text-align:right; }
#nav li.over { z-index:998; }
#nav a { color: #fff; }
#nav a,
#nav a:hover { display:block; line-height:40px; text-decoration:none; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:11px;}
#nav span { display:block; cursor:pointer; white-space:nowrap; }
#nav li ul span {white-space:normal; }
#nav ul li.parent a { }
#nav ul li.parent li a { }
/* 0 Level */
#nav li { float:left; }
#nav li.active a { }
#nav a { float:left; padding:0 12px 0; }
#nav li.over > a,
#nav a:hover { color: #bfc04a; }
#nav li.over a.level-top { border-top: 1px solid #504e76; background:#201f30; line-height: 39px !important; }
/* 1st Level */
#nav ul li,
#nav ul li.active { float:none; margin:0; background:#201f30; padding: 0 12px;}
#nav ul li.last {  }
#nav ul a,
#nav ul a:hover { float:none; padding:0; line-height:1.3em;}
#nav ul li a { font-weight:normal !important; }
/* 2nd Level */
#nav ul,
#nav div { position:absolute; width:15em; top:40px; left:-0px; 
	border-bottom: 5px solid #201f30; border-radius-bottomleft:5px; border-radius-bottomright:5px; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:5px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:5px; -webkit-border-radius-bottomleft:5px; -webkit-border-radius-bottomright:5px;
	box-shadow: 1px 1px 4px #000; -moz-box-shadow: 1px 1px 4px #333; -webkit-box-shadow: 1px 1px 4px #000;
#nav div ul { position:static; width:auto; border:none; }
/* 3rd+ Level */
#nav ul ul,
#nav ul div { top:10px; }
#nav ul li a { }
#nav ul li a:hover {  }
#nav ul li a,
#nav ul li a:hover { background: url(../images/bkg_nav1.png) 0 100% repeat-x; }
#nav ul li.last > a { background:none; }
#nav ul span,
#nav ul li.last li span { padding:7px 0 8px; }
/* Show menu */
#nav li ul.shown-sub,
#nav li div.shown-sub { left:0; z-index:999; }
#nav li .shown-sub ul.shown-sub,
#nav li .shown-sub li div.shown-sub { left:10em; }
/********** Navigation > */


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Hi Ruslan, Sorry I don't

Hi Ruslan,
Sorry I don't understand what you are trying to achieve.
Can you provide an image of what it should look like, and a link to the site?

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As far as I see you need to

As far as I see you need to add

#nav ul li ul{display:none;}

you will have to set the display to block via javascript for mouse over event.
A sample of your HTML would have been helpful.

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Great post! It's very nice.

Great post! It's very nice. Thank you so much for your post.

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