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I'm new to this, and I read as much as I could, and tried to take in as much as I could, but then when it came down to actually making the site, things weren't as simple as I thought they would be. I basically kept playing around with it until it looked right, but as far as being able to change things without breaking *everything*, it's definitely not there. I feel like everything is held together very loosely and things work because of luck, not because they're actually set up right. Can you guys please look at my site and tell me where to start to make it cleaner? One of the things that held me up a lot was that the header didn't seem to follow template layouts that I've seen before. I also am having problems adding links to the content area, and I believe it has something to do with the position of the box, because I was having the same problem with the nav bar and it only worked when I made it not into relative position. I know there's a much more graceful way to do what I'm doing.

Anyway, my site is http://www.hellvisonline.com

I'm not nearly done, but I wanted to make things work more efficiently before I worried about more complicated things. Thank you Smile

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Hi UberPippi, That's a pretty

Hi UberPippi,
That's a pretty good start.
Make sure you keep validating the markup and styles as you go.
Can't think of much to say unless you have a specific issue.