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I built a website that was doing fine on all browsers, until I downloaded IE9. On the homepage, there is text that just does not show up in ie9. The link to my site is The homepage is called index.html, and the text on the six main tabs in the center are not visible, as well as a slogan that is supposed to be under the logo. I would really appreciate any help anyone has to offer, as I am at a total loss! Compare the site to the way it looks in IE8, and you can see what's missing when you view it in IE9.
The text that is "invisible" is called span.cc_title in my style.css, and this is the css for it:

span.cc_title{	color:#fff; line-height:28px;	font-size:17px;	top:224px;left:14px;	position:absolute;	background:#272727;	width:10.3763em;     	display:block;	z-index:11;/* border:1px solid red;*/}

I'd appreciate any help!!

Thanks for your time.