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Hello I would like to offer my site to the checking que:

Just a few things that I have noticed to keep an eye out for:

On the home page:
"Welcome to the website of the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society" is supposed to be all on one line so plz let me know if its going to two lines for you.

The green buttons on the home page, I've been seeing some strange text effects on them.
Here is what they are supposed to look like when they are working correctly:

Let me know if your seeing something different then the image above. Thx!

Lastly on this the court history overview page:

I'm noticing some run over on the page content and the global call out on the bottom on a few of the systems I have previewed the site on. I haven't been able to recreate this CSS error so if someone can get a eye on it and even better yet come up with some ideas on what might be causing this overlap that would be quite helpful!

Thank you for the assist everyone!