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Hello, I'd like you to take a look at my website Smile

This one I was lucky to have free reign for design as opposed to client sites.


It's an experiment in using responsive web design methods, so test the resizing of the browser. The smallest one is what is also seen on mobile browsers.

I would like some thoughts about the navigation menu - I feel it looks a bit plain.

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more space

Hi Brett,

The main thing that I think I'd adjust would be giving a bit more space around everything, particularly at the top when you first enter the site. The logo, navigation, and text are all pretty crowded. Give them room to breathe and they'll be easier to read. The nav could definitely use some style. Also, consider making an adjustment to the colours... you've got a really warm pea green on the sides but a really cool (as in cold) mint green in the JB logo. A different colour combo would help a lot.

The info in the column down the right side (twitter etc.) is spaced out much better, and is easier to read. I'm also not sure that your love of pizza should be the very first thing that the visitor discovers upon entering your site... but keep it on your about page if you like. Nice image, that top one (of the plane).

I looked at your site in Safari, and everything worked fine, resizing and all. Keep up the good work, and keep making it better!

All the best,

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Maybe create a more

Maybe create a more seperation of the banner area and the main content area.

Nice hover effect, but maybe change the color of the menu bar, since now it looks to the unattentive eye to be just an ordinary link with words instead of a menu bar.

The introduction of yourself could be in smaller size, and maybe in a box, or perhaps to the right of your logo?