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Hi, the new Drupal site I've developed is http://www.artemis2taste.gr for an ice cream shop in Greece - The site loads fine in Firefox, Chrome and Opera but not in Internet Explorer (versions 6,7,Cool. I would appreciate it if you could visit my website and take a look at my css. The main content area is divided in two columns by the "composite layout" module. The "last" column (the one on the right) contains collections of images for each one of the site's pages. I've used a jQuery script to make a slideshow with simple next/previous buttons for the photos that appear there. The problem is I tried so many combinations of floats, padding, margins, inline etc for the right column and the photos keep stacking one below the other (you can only see a small part of the second image, as I have a fixed height for the container div), also hiding the slideshow navigation links. I can't find a way to make these images appear on the same horizontal direction... I would really appreciate suggestions on how to solve this issue...
Thanx in advance Smile

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I only checked in FF and IE8

I only checked in FF and IE8 but site looked the same in both. Puzzled

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