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I'm working on a WP site for a client who wants a REALLY complex bg image, so I've resorted to some CSS kludges to get it to work. It looks fine in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but falls apart in IE8. Here's the URL: http://winstonwebworks.com/petstemp/ I know some versions of IE handle bg images wierdly, but I'm stuck on this one. Any help would be great.

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Are you using multiple

Are you using multiple background image and are these on a seperate URL?
Or did you only used one background image and are the images hosted on the same hosting?

Try something like this:

#myElement {
    behavior: url(<a href="http://path/to/pie/PIE.htc" title="http://path/to/pie/PIE.htc">http://path/to/pie/PIE.htc</a>);
    background: url(bg-image.png) no-repeat #CCC; /*non-CSS3 browsers will use this*/
    background: url(bg-image.png) no-repeat, -webkit-gradient(linear, 0 0, 0 100%, from(#CCC) to(#EEE)); /*old webkit*/
    background: url(bg-image.png) no-repeat, -webkit-linear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE); /*new webkit*/
    background: url(bg-image.png) no-repeat, -moz-linear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE); /*gecko*/
    background: url(bg-image.png) no-repeat, -ms-linear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE); /*IE10 preview*/
    background: url(bg-image.png) no-repeat, -o-linear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE); /*opera 11.10+*/
    background: url(bg-image.png) no-repeat, linear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE); /*future CSS3 browsers*/
    -pie-background: url(bg-image.png) no-repeat, linear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE); /*PIE*/

This is just an example, can you post your coding, or atleast a working website?

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