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I am helping a non profit called Project Watershed. I was changing the featured section details width from 380px to 900px in the css because they want the text to go acroos the page instead of in the right hand column. I also took out the featured section image and text as they were not wanted. When I changed 380px to 900px the whole site aligned itself left!!!!! oh and bullets have showed up in the nav bar and drop downs. Have tried everything I can think of and can't fix. Tried validating the site and got this

Lexical error at line 10, column 53. Encountered: "?" (63), after : "" .php?file=/themes/zalika/portfolio.php&theme=Zalika&dir=theme @import "styles/reset.css";

don't know what this means or how to fix. The site is www.projectwatershed.ca. Help would be greatly appreciated

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You must have deleted something else

There is a #wrap with no css. This is the containing div and should have a width and if you want it centered margin: 0 auto;