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Dear forum,

On several of my pages (currently the site is under development), some weather info will be shown: LINK

CSS Problem Description: under the headline WETTER you can see 4 boxes. One is displaying weather from today (HEUTE) and three boxes underneath display the weather from the next days. As you can see, the 3 small boxes are not exactly adding up to 100% framewidth. Also, the uppor wide box is of a slight different width.

--> I want
a) the 3 boxes together to add up to the exact same width as the wide box above WHEN USING A WEBBROWSER / IPAD in landscape view, and AT THE SAME TIME
b) to have FOUR boxes underneath (with 100% pagewidth) when browsing the page with an iPhone/Android.

Looking forward to any hints you may have.

Thanks & Cheers,

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@Ralph, I think the borders

@Ralph, I think the borders and margins on the class .wetter-feld are pushing the total box width over 100%. Try reducing the width a little,

.wetter-feld {
  width: 29.5%;