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Hi guys!

I have a homework for an internship and I have to replicate a webpage from a picture. Here's their picture: image and here's what I got: mystuff.

I don't know how to put those textareas near the text when the resolution is high. At 1024x768 (which is the minimum imposed) it looks good, but when I maximize the window, this happens. :/

Here's the code: http://jsfiddle.net/jQmM4/ . I'm not sure about it, but can someone help? Laughing out loud


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Hi w_dude, When the screen is

Hi w_dude,
When the screen is wide the 18% left from the textarea's 82% is going the be pretty width.
You could use media queries to change this value or look at structuring the markup differently.
I'd probable change the markup. wrap the text in an element possible a label and giv it a width then float the textarea left.