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Hello. I'm a first year design student in my third month of school and I'm working on a class project. It is a mock-up of a day spa. I need the design to be responsive and I want to put a slider into the mock-up. The problem comes in when I have another image below the slider. I need for the slider and any other image below it to re-size properly when I make the browser window smaller, which it does. The problem is that the bottom image on the page does not appear to recognize the proper height of the slider images unless I set the height of the slider images to a fixed size in px. If I fix the slider images to a certain height it works, but there is a disproportionate gap between the slider images and the bottom image when I do so and I make the page smaller. I'd like the slider images and the bottom image to re-size properly without the large gap appearing between them. I have two examples: one with a fixed height and one with a flexible height. Both have problems. I've tried several different approaches (which are commented out in the code) and none of them have worked. Thanks for taking your time to look at this issue.
Thanks in advance.