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Hi guys,

Very easy question...

Based on this screenshot:

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 11.43.08.png

How do I remove the padding around the image slideshow plug in? Above and either side are most important to me but knowing how to eradicate all would be useful.

I was hoping of some padding section in the body area of the code where you specify four numbers representing each side of the body padding. Have yet to find this though.

So you know, yes I am working in a child theme and so far my style.css code looks like this:

@charset "UTF-8";
Theme Name: TwentyEleven Child
Desciption: Child Theme for the Twenty Eleven Theme
Author: Douglas Fayers
Template: twentyeleven

@import url("../twentyeleven/style.css");

body {
padding: 0 0;
#page {
margin: 0;
max-width: 2000px;
Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Inspect the element using

Inspect the element using browser dev tools those will highlight the element and tell you the rules applied to it and also from what stylesheet they originated.

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