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Hello -- I hope it's ok for me to post here. I am not a web developer; I am re-doing my business page using a new WordPress theme. I checked the WP forums and found general information, but since I have never worked with CSS before, I don't want to make a mistake.

Can anyone please tell me the steps to reduce the size of the slider on my website? I found the following in the page source:

     <div class="slider-wrap"></div>
        </div><div class="post-wrap">
  <div class="container-fullwidth">
    <div class="page-inner row no-aside" style="padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0;">
      <div class="col-main">
        <section class="post-main" role="main" id="content">
          <article class="page type-page homepage" id="">
            <section class="home-section-0 onetone-youtube-section video-section">
      <div class="clear"></div>

The slider is much too big. I don't want to scrap it because I like it -- but it needs to be reduced by 50%. I think I need to use a CSS plugin to add code to the stylesheet, yes? I see a lot of CSS plugins available to install. But generating code is something I haven't done (except html).

Is this over my head? I have no budget for a web developer and have always made my own pages. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

Here is what the page (under construction) looks like now: http://furrypeoplesitters.com/

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more info please

Hi there

- is the slider to go where you currently have the picture of the black dog and the client login box?
- is the slider your using a plugin? (in which case there maybe a setting within there) - if it is a plugin, which plugin are you using?

You might want to add a development extension to your browser so that you can examine the css elements but try checking the plugin settings first.

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Okay first of all you don't

Okay first of all you don't need to install a plugin to edit your css. Yes, it will make it eassier. No, adding more and more and more plugins isn't ideally working out for WordPress websites (all plugins need to be compatible and this might be tricky from time to time).

Best thing to do is go to your FTP and find the .css file you need.
Most likely you will only have to edit style.css (this will always be called by your theme being used).
Go to your theme folder and open the css or styles folder, in here you will most likely find the file.

You can add new code here to edit the slider or edit if there is already information about the slider in here. But try to add a code something like this:

.slider-wrap {width: 50%};
If that does not work try adding !important behind the % but before the ;.

Also, if the slider is being added by another plugin (revolution slider maybe?) you can edit the width just inside your wp-admin instead of editing a css document.


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