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I am re designing my website and having some navigation problems and positioning. -

I am trying to get the hover to only be the size of the text? At the moment it isnt.

For the hover text, the hover picture is 203 px by 35 px. I want to shrink it for smaller words.
E.g. for home - should be about 100 px by 35 px.

If You look in IE, it shows two navigation links for each. The one on the left is what I want.

Also I have the following code

  margin: 45px 0 0;
  background: #fff;
  padding: 10px;
  height: 340px;
  width: 940px;
  margin: auto;

I thought the margin: 45 px 0 0; would move the featured section down by 45 px but it didnt work.

And finally the boxes down the bottom with Latest news ect. I have put it what i thought was right to position them correctly but it hasn't worked.

Here is what it should look like -