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I have a Table in my application. Table id is "joining_resumes_table". In that table i have 4 columns like this below

 <table id="joining_resumes_table">
        <th class="resume_name">        Name         </th>
        <th class="resume_requirement"> Requirement  </th>
        <th class="resume_joiningdate"> Joining Date </th>
        <th class="hidden_by_default">  Accept Date  </th>
  <td class = "resume_name"> .... </td>
  <td class = "resume_requirement"> .... </td>
  <td class = "resume_joiningdate"> .....</td>
  <td class ="hidden_by_default" > ..</td>

I am toggling the 4th coloumn. Both td and th have same class name(hidden_by_default). My question is when i was toggling table th in visible mode and td in hidden mode. There is no synchronization between th and td of the 4th column.and one more thing perfect view in chrome not in mozilla firefox.

my Jquery code:

$jq = jQuery.noConflict();
var elem = $jq('.hidden_by_default');

my css code:

  table-layout: fixed;
  width : 100%;
#joining_resumes_table .resume_name,
#joining_resumes_table .resume_requirement,
#joining_resumes_table .resume_joiningdate,
#joining_resumes_table .hidden_by_default
  width : 25%;
  position: relative;
#joining_resumes_table .color_line_odd .hidden_by_default,
#joining_resumes_table .color_line_even .hidden_by_default
  width    : 25%;
  display  : none;
  border   : none;

Please Help me!

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