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Hi, i have a webradio website, i have created a php script wich read itunes api's and print on screen, music charts, and another script wich read the song title and make a youtube search printing a VIDEO link under the artwork, i've not completed yet the pagination, so the page is still not complete.
My problem:
At the bottom of the page there's a Jquery Music player called JPLAYER
when the user click on the VIDEO link, music player must MUTE and everything it's ok (i've assigned JP-MUTE class to <A> video link.
So the video link open a lightbox with the player, i've assigned JP-UNMUTE class at the X button in the lightbox but the lightbox normally close and no UNMUTE command was sent.
Do you know something?
Sorry for my bad english Smile
If you want to see the page this is the link click on the word "VIDEO" to open the lightbox