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Hi there, i use a js for scrolling advertising on my web site www.kyenquiere.com It works perfectly on ff, chrome, safari, opera and ie8+ but the text appear completly on the right when i browse with ie7...

I prefer posting here first my issue before going to war alone against it.. I have windows 7 and i tried to uninstall ie8 in order to put ie7 but trust me that was not a good idea Sad( ... so if you can have a look for me and indicate me what's wrong would be great...

Have a nice day from Mexico..

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IE7 is incorporated with IE8

IE7 is incorporated with IE8 so there is no need to uninstall it. In IE8 simply open Tools -> Developer Tools click on Browser mode and select IE7. The developer tools give you a debugging tool similar to Firebug.

Your site looks the same to me in Firefox, IE8 and IE7

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Well I viewed it in Chrome

Well I viewed it in Chrome and it looked alright. Hope that helps you did not say whether it was ok in chrome or not. So I thought why not have a look and see. Good luck. Big smile