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Hello - I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself - my name is Eric - nice to meet everyone. Just had a quick question I was hoping someone could answer. On this site http://www.sageflyfish.com - when you mouse over "Rods" or "Reels" the whole site drops down to reveal some sub options/images. The question is, is this possible to do with just CSS or would some javascripting have to be involved? Before I start playing around with trying to figure it out, just wanted to get some input if it is a possibility. Thank you for any advice.

Thanks - Eric LoCascio

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Hi and welcome flashawd, I am

Hi and welcome flashawd,

I am new to CSS myself, but I'm always looking around the net for ideas and CSS tricks (that's once I know what I am doing with the basics of CSS lol)

Anyway, this link may be useful to you, although their may be better resources here on CSSC someplace?


All the best,