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First, let me say that I am still learning CSS. I only just dove into this 3 weeks ago so please excuse me if this is a basic fix.

I am working on a site that has to have fixed positioned ads on either side of the page (the goal is to have the ads float with you as you scroll). The problem is, (other than IE not even coming close to rendering it correctly) when you resize the browser or view it from a smaller screen the ads either cover the main content or float off to the left.

Another problem (which may belong in a separate post entirely) is I'm new to the Doctype thing. I know they should be used but I forgot about it when I began this and now when I add it my background color goes back to white and I don't know how to fix it. I uploaded all the files to lovemycritters.com so the site can be viewed there.

Maybe I have been at this for too long to see the simple fix but if there is anyone that could shed some light on this problem of mine I would be very grateful.

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Hi kristinmetts, You really

Hi kristinmetts,
You really need to provide a link in this instance if you want us to help.

Early versions of IE didn't support position:fixed; at all.

If you don't want content under the ads you will have to find some way to fill the atea, maybe padding or margin.